Getting a new tattoo can be very exciting and nerve-racking. There are multiple aspects that go into it, from finding the right artist to preparing your skin prior to your appointment. Yes, skincare is essential. If you are ready to get your first tattoo or your next one, here are some skincare tips to have the best experience during and after the process:

1- Drink plenty of water and eat a good meal

Water helps with keeping your energy high and balanced. It is best that your skin is hydrated, so drink plenty of water the week before and on the day of your appointment. When you’re dehydrated your skin is thinner and dryer. This will make the tattoo process easier for the artists and less painful for you

2- Refrain from certain substances

Before getting tattooed, you want to stay away from blood thinners like alcohol and aspirin. This is recommended to do at least 24 hours before your tattoo appointment so you can limit the amount of bleeding during your session

3- Do not shave the area (the placement of your tattoo)

Shaving before the tattoo appointment may irritate the skin and affect the tattooing. Leave the shaving to the artist; they use a sterile razor as this is part of the whole process.

4- Relax 

The feeling of getting tattoed really depends on the pain threshold of each individual. Most of our clients describe it as an annoying scratch and have gone through the whole process regardless of placement and size. Keep in mind that tattoo needles are rather small and only penetrate the first layer of your skin. It’s best if you try relaxing your body to have a better experience.

5- Keep it covered

Once your tattoo is done, the artist will cover it with Saniderm, a breathable transparent bandage that will protect it. Your tattoo must remain covered for a total of 4-5 days. Although the Saniderm is sweatproof & waterproof, we advise that you refrain from sweating excessively within the 24 hours of getting tattooed nor should you enter any large body of water like pools and the ocean. Keep in mind that your new tattoo is like an open wound and you have to take care of it like a cut.

6- Moisturize and wash

After 4-5 days with the Saniderm on, you can remove it under warm water. The Saniderm is a very sticky adhesive and some of the excess blood and ink may come off with the bandage making your skin look a bit wrinkly and discolored, but don’t panic, this is totally normal. You then wash and moisturize your new tattoo twice a day for at least 2 weeks. Here at Iris, we’ll provide you with an aftercare package that includes a non-fragrance soap and a lotion. Keep in mind that you don’t want to use anything that has a fragrance because these products usually contain alcohol and will overdry your tattoo.

7- Protect your skin from the sun

We should always protect our skin from the sun’s harmful rays. This is important to do so before and after you get a tattoo. The artists will not be able to tattoo you if you have a sunburn or if you are peeling. After getting tattoed, we advise that you don’t get direct sun exposure on your fresh tattoo. Since the Saniderm is transparent, keep it covered with another layer of clothing if you can. Once the two weeks have passed, protect your tattoo with sunblock. Colored tattoos are more susceptible to fading when exposed to the sun, so keep your skin hydrated and protected. 

Healed tattoos

As your tattoo heals, you will notice that it will scab and become itchy. That is because your skin is regenerating cells to close the wound. Try not to pick at the scabs or scratch, instead continue to moisturize and tap on your tattoo to relieve the itchiness.

Remember that tattoos will age as your skin ages. This is something that is inevitable, however, they can age beautifully by staying hydrated, moisturizing your skin, and protecting it from the sun. 

If you have any further questions about the healing and aftercare process email us at wynwood@iristattoomia.com. We would also love to see photos of your healed tattoos!

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