Tattoo quality

Daily, we show pieces from our artists so you can get to know them and feel comfortable choosing the right one for your tattoo. Each one of them uses certified and sterilized materials and is accompanied by a graphic designer who offers support during the creative search.

The artists

We receive portfolios daily and we sharpen our eye to choose the best artists, making sure they are versatile, kind, and professional. Their growth inside the studio often inspires them to pursue their own projects or travel the world with machine in hand; only then do we find new members for the team. 

The design

We don’t copy or repeat designs from other artists. There are tattoos that become popular and are constantly requested, but we always try to find a way to modify the design so you can have a unique piece.

Our Social Media

At least thirteen artists work at our studios and, although we take pictures of all the work, we can’t share all of them on our pages. We try to share consciously so that there is variety and everyone’s talent is shown. We do not tolerate aggressive and hurtful comments that cause discomfort to the tattooed person.

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